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Will Amongst Us Maps Get Christmas Decorations & When

For PC gamers, all hats are free, including the-festive themed ones. Unlocking the Christmas hats early requires you to do a while travelling to the previous. To begin, close your recreation and open your device settings on your PC.

There are a total of eight completely different Christmas hats to choose from. Now simply put on your hat and you’re ready to spread Christmas cheer as you argue about who the Imposter is in your recreation.

This is unlike the Halloween hats, by which case, all platforms receive the unique hats free of charge. Just change the date on your PC or system to December 25, 2019. Once you modify the date back to the current date, you’ll still be ready to put on your new hats whenever you need. How to get Among Us’s Halloween hats and Christmas hats by making the sport think you are playing on the vacations. In a perfect world, students might use markers or paint and add layers to get the simple shadows proven. But that’s not all the time an option today when the best you can hope for is that everybody has access to crayons.

However on PC, you will get the holiday hats for free and Sabotage tshirt without it being December, as there’s a fast trick you should use. To start getting the Christmas hats, you have to shut Among Us after which entry your time and date settings in your PC’s basic settings.

If you have any kind of inquiries regarding where and how you can utilize Sabotage tshirt, you can call us at the site.



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