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Fourth, the digital world even allows women to pursue a traditional marriage, while making money at the same time. Still, the point is if a woman wants all the benefits of the old contract (marriage, successful man, resources, safety and stability), but the benefits of the new contract (money for your beauty) without the commitment or expectations, today’s internet world allows for that via Seeking Arrangement. Now would be the point in our show where I give the standard «ol’ funny economist prep talk» and make some commentary about how chicks dig me and what we need to do in order to fix this problem, and continue on into a bright, happy economist future. The point is, women now have an array of online ways to convert their beauty into money, many of which allow a woman to maintain her decorum, even give her a career. And free live sex shows I believe these to be the most interesting and consequential of the (now hundreds) of Beauty-Into-Money sites and apps. Remember, bbw sex video there are BILLIONS of desperate men with internet access and either through apps like «Only Fans,» Instagram, or «Snapchat» they’ll pay for a mere internet exchange or a picture of a girl in a nice dress.

If you think conversations like that are rare, you’re wrong. What do you think it takes to make a man fall in love with you? You don’t need to jump headfirst into penetrative sex with a man. Sunday afternoons too can enable both of you to engage in lazy sex without being bound by time or performance restrictions. Meanwhile no worry if your friend is not available for you at the time you need him/her, but CHATWHATEVER is there for you. Women don’t even need to upload porn. «I’m not here to ruin people’s lives if they don’t need to be ruined. And finally, there is no shame or stigma converting beauty into money online (even pornographically) as living online is the new norm for younger generations. They serve as examples to troubled couples because they have been there themselves. This site has a chameleon effect because it can serve different purposes for different people.

It is in fact all three as its users use it for all three purposes. Effectively, I’d say it’s a legal prostitution site (I have a curiously high number of acquaintances who use the site). If particularly tech-savvy a girl can program her own site, with her own webcam and use either Skype or some VOIP program to provide men a show, she can cut out the middle man and keep the money to herself. The men pay these girls a monthly allowance or STIPEND and these women provide these men their company. Besides, Bitsy doesn’t have much in the way list of free porn sites expenses as her 4 sugar daddies from Seeking Arrangement pay for pretty much everything. Bitsy plans to buy a new house in two years so she can rent the basement out to her more-educated, but debt-ridden sister. It does not require women sacrifice another 4-8 years of their youth earning a worthless degree that won’t pay.

Apps like «Only Fans» allow women to simply upload nudes online and men pay egregiously for them. Just their mere attention is enough to get men to open their wallets. The most perfect example is the «conserva-thot» who is a pretty girl who espouses conservative, traditional, and libertarian beliefs not because she actually believes in them, but because it will get her attention and money from non-leftist men starved for traditional women. If you want to run a wholesome, conservative, Christian, traditional housewife website, by all means go ahead. Officially, the site claims it is indeed a dating site designed for women who just want to cut through the bull and find themselves a real, potentially, marriageable man. You can gain a lot of ground in the romance department by using the best free dating apps on the market. On the other hand there’s their friend «Bitsy.» «Bitsy» makes $50 an hour fresh out of high school using the free smart phone her dad bought her and the «Only Fans» app.

Bitsy could go to college, but why would she when she makes $80,000 a year from the comforts of her own home? Plus she makes a supplemental $10,000 a year in patreon donations from her «best fans.» «Like OMG!,» exclaims Bitsy. Invisible Hands, a volunteer-based grocery delivery service for the elderly, disabled and immunocompromised folk in and around New York and Frontline Foods, a food donation service that partners with local restaurants to deliver healthy meals to hospital clinicians in Los Angeles are the two agencies that will receive donations. Of course the two stories painted above are simplified, stereotypical anecdotes, but it does show you what the third social contract offers vs. The Brave New Digital World offers women an adequately paying job right out of high school in monetizing their beauty. And while women and feminists may like the freedoms afforded to them by the second and third social contracts, you cannot have a «Brave New World» without some parts of the previous contracts being obsoleted or removed.



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