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hi everyone today we’re going to take a

look at the top five best fitness smartwatch 2020 OEM ( tactical

smartwatches in 2021 on the market

through extensive research i’ve put

together a list of options that meet the

needs of different types of buyers

so whether their price performance and

particular use we got you covered

for more information on the products

i’ve included links in the description

box down below which are updated for the

latest prices

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now let’s get started we’ll kick things

off today with the sun toe nine peak

to be found on the market in 2021

designed for the awe-inspiring feelings

that only sport can provide

for the unforgettable adventures the

sunto 9 peak is suntow’s thinnest

smallest and hardest watch yet the

suntoe 9 peak is an ideal companion

because of its excellent design and wide

range of accessories

allowing you to incorporate a bit of

your outdoor personality into every part

of your life

designed to be comfortable on any arm

the sun tow 9 boro has a rich feature

set and a long battery life

in tour mode you may go from 25 hours

with the finest gps to 170 hours

materials of the highest quality

sapphire glass

and grade 5 titanium for low weight

premium quality

handcrafted in finland and rigorously

tested titanium is the ideal choice for

your skin since it is hard

scratch resistant and hypoallergenic

the luxury appearance and feel are

unquantifiable too

sun toes app has sport specific thematic

maps and popular starting spots to help

you plan your journeys

as a tactical smartwatch the suntow 9

peak is made to last and is waterproof

to 100 meters

use it to enjoy jogging on the roads


or tracks or participating in one of the

80 sport modes what’s more

the sunto 9 peak now has a new watch

face that displays your weekly training


encourages you to try new things the

fourth product on our list for today is

the amazfit t-rex pro

which can be found on the market in 2021

huawei claims that the amazon t-rex pro

is resistant to extreme weather

it is claimed to be most suited to

adventurers and dwellers of tough


such as those with regular snow or rain

this device has a 1.3 inch hdm old

display with 360 by 360 resolution

it is comfortable to wear since the

sweat absorbing silicone strap prevents

moisture from accumulating and


this device combines four gps features

for a better navigating experience

it also has a 100 meter water resistance


an optical heart rate sensor three axis

acceleration sensor

gyroscope barometric altimeter and

ambient light sensor are all included in

the amazfit t-rex

pro it also offers 24-hour heart rate

and sleep monitoring

much like the others over 100 sports

modes are available on the amazfat t-rex

pro it’s extra sense workout detection

technology has eight sports modes and

can track and exercises progress

due to its 390 mah battery capacity

the firm claims that it may last up to

18 days on a single charge

it’s compatible with both ios and

android smartphones

for android compatibility must be 5.0 or


whereas for ios it must be 10.0 or above

the third product on our list for today

is the garmin fenix 6 series

which can be found on the market in


the garmin fenix 6 is the most advanced

multi-sport smartwatch presently


from garmin the garmin fenix 6x pro

solar is

without a doubt the greatest but the

phoenix 6 family is genuinely top of the

line when it comes to wearables

the garmin fenix 6 can track nearly any

physical activity you can think of

thanks to gps

and a heart rate monitor which works

even underwater

it has incredibly long battery life the

watch also seems solid albeit hefty and

gps latches on swiftly and effectively

but this is really typical for garmin

due to the expensive price most people

would be hesitant to purchase it

so if it’s out of your price range

choose among the more reasonable options

on our list

the phoenix 6 is however strongly

recommended for serious athletes and


especially those who don’t stick to just

a single sport and so require a tough


the second product on our list for today

is the samsung galaxy

watch 3 to be found on the market in


if the galaxy watch active 2 doesn’t

appeal to you and you want a more

traditional looking but still tough

wrist watch

you should choose the galaxy watch 3.

this one is more enticing than previous

versions since it has some very helpful

fitness tracking functions

the floating bezel adds to the appeal of

the piece

this spinning bezel makes it easier to

use the smartwatch

when it comes to connection the galaxy

watch 3 works with practically every

phone including all android and ios

smartphones but it isn’t perfect when

compared to an apple watch

it lacks the software and accessory


the benefits of the samsung galaxy watch

much exceed the disadvantages

and you’ll never be dissatisfied the

first product on our list for today

is the garmin tactics delta to be found

on the market in 2021.

the tactics delta solar is the line’s

fourth edition

it was mostly inspired by the phoenix


the tactics delta solar was built to

military specifications and includes

solar technology to improve battery life

and power mode to provide you with 24

days of outside sunlight exposure and 21

days of inside sunlight exposure

the tactics delta solar has a stealth

mode which is also featured on the

instinct tactical

wireless connections will be deactivated

as will location sharing

and user data will be removed from the

memory the design is meant to be durable

it has pvd coated steel back a black

steel bezel

a 1.4 inch always on display

a scratch resistant sapphire lens and a

durable military-grade nylon band with

quick fit technology

everything is done in a gloomy black

color finally

it contains a ballistic calculator that

has been applied to only specific models

however this will come at a cost and

only actual military personnel will be

required to have it

this is all for now you can check out

links in the description box down below

which are updated for the latest prices

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comment and don’t forget to subscribe

hope to see you guys in the next video

until then goodbye



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