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What Can Make Or Break Your PowerPoint Presentation

At a workshop recently I heard somebody giving a talk which was really interesting and I took away some valuable factors from it. So it bought me thinking about what makes an excellent presentation. Now, I’ve designed a whole lot of PowerPoint presentations in my time but I’ve delivered very few of them. Like a lot of people, the thought of standing up in entrance of a group makes me nervous. However, others can arise for an hour and speak off the cuff about their topic, and make it attention-grabbing and memorable. How do they do it? OK, there are just a few people who are natural public speakers, but for most of us, it takes numerous preparation to face up and speak clearly and concisely about our subject.

So from my expertise of each creating and listening to displays, I’ve put collectively some tips of what I think can make or break a presentation.


Rehearse your speech and ideally get someone to listen to you or report yourself.

Use humour and a personal story to open the presentation but be appropriate.

Know the message you are trying to get across and stick to the key points.

Keep the color scheme simple and make sure the text is readable towards the background.

Have the same slide design all through the entire presentation.

Put your organization branding and brand on the presentation to make it look professional and help build a relationship with your model and the audience.

Keep animations and transitions to a minimum so they do not confuse and distract the audience.

Use creative ways of presenting your data eg, footage, charts, and animations which will seize people’s attention.


Speak without any preparation or notes unless you’ve executed it efficiently before.

Start the presentation without checking that everyone can hear you.

Do not get lost the subject, and in the event you do, ensure the audience knows why and quickly come back to it.

Use technical language, acronyms or jargon unless it is related to your audience.

Read from a script – it can sound stilted and prevents you from making eye contact with the audience.

Put everything you need to say on the PowerPoint slide and then just read it out.

Overload the slide with too much graphics or animation. They should be used to make the message clearer not confuse the audience.

Use totally different formatting and colour schemes on every slide.

Maybe you have different tricks to add to the list? However, it’s vital to do not forget that a clearly delivered and well-designed presentation will promote you and your online business professionally and successfully to your audience.

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