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Meditation to Open the Third Eye Chakra

The third eye chakra is the 6th chakra within the chakra system. It is situated on the middle of the forehead just between the eyebrows. Stimulating meditation can help you activate your third eye and stimulate it, however first you wish to study some fundamental information about this chakra earlier than doing third eye exercises.

Third Eye Info

Colour: the color of your third eye chakra is purple. This generally is a very helpful info in your meditation so that you’ve a selected color to work with that will help you really feel related to your chakra.

Sanskrit Name: Ajna

Traits: Your third eye is without doubt one of the chakras that is the least linked to our physical body and the earth. The third eye is linked to our spirituality and the spiritual world. It is also connected to our psychic abilities, so should you really feel like working with your spirituality and psychic powers, you probably wish to study more about this chakra.

Third Eye Activation Meditation

Choose a still place where you might be able to practice your meditation exercise with no interruption. Flip of all the many electrical devices and chose a comfortable meditation posture. Sit with your back straight, and take a minute to calm your mind and body.

Step 1

Close your eyes and take some slow cleansing breathes in by means of your nostril and breathe out by means of your mouth. Permit your self to totally relax. Let the air perform all of the frustration from your body and mind. Really feel how you grow to be more and more relaxed and calm with every cleansing breath.

Step 2

Now, continue to breathe slowly and deeply however switch your focus to your third eye space in the midst of your forehead. Now picture that you are inhaling and exhaling via your sixth chakra. Inhale purple energy into your body. Really feel the air as it enters your body via this chakra. Feel the energy that fills your body and energizes you with new and spiritual energy. breathe out the air by way of your forehead as a drained plain air empty of energy.

Step 3

Do not drive yourself to create sensations, but concentrate if you are feeling any strange sensation in your chakra similar to a tingling sensation, which may mean that your chakra is being stimulated and activated. Do this third eye breathing meditation for 20 minutes.

There are various different types of meditation strategies you’ll be able to apply that can assist you open your Ajna chakra. I recommend that you simply try some completely different strategies and see which ones provde the finest results. However be very patient and allow the chakra to open little by little. If you happen to rush your exercises or develop into impatient it can wreck your follow and you might not get the wanted results. So give it time and follow your meditation each day in order that it will change into part of your natural routine, which will assist it feel like a habit and something you really want to do and never something you need to do.

However remember that your third eye is just one chakra of the seven completely different chakras within the kundalini system, which are all just as vital, so bear in mind to also work on the rest of the system to create balance between the chakras.

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