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Could Electromagnetic Fields (EMFs) Be Inflicting Your Chronic Headaches?

Do you’ve got chronic headaches and might’t find the cause for them. Have you been to doctor after physician and tried one medication after another without a lot luck? If so, Electromagnetic Fields (EMFs) would be the unsuspecting culprit.

Although your physician might prescribe medication that works for a time, headaches which might be caused by EMFs will are likely to resurface as the effectiveness of the medication fade. Your doctor may cite stress, or lack of sleep or other seemingly rational explanation to your headaches. Nonetheless, when these causes are current, they, too might be triggered by the EMFs which can be leading to your headaches. There have been more than just a few research linking stress and headaches.

Mankind has lived for hundreds of years with the naturally occurring EMFs from the Earth’s core and interaction with the Sun’s and the naturally occurring electromagnetic fields in our environment. However, it is only for the reason that dawn of the commercial age, that we began to be bombarded with unnaturally produced EMFs and in intensities never before seen. Everything from cars, TVs, radios, broadcast signals, hair dryers, cell phones, computers and more emit EMFs that bombard us unnaturally. Living next to electrical power lines can bombard you at alarming levels that have even been linked to leukemia.

We’re not suggesting you shun all EMF producers and head for the deep woods and lifetime of wilderness — even there you would not escape EMF bombardment with all of the satellites beaming down, so what are you able to do to protect your self?

One of the simplest is to wear a magnet in your body that produces enough of its own EMF in a safe way. A multi-polar magnet is just such a device that does this. By being multi-polar, the magnet effectively generates an omni-directional EMF area that’s just robust enough to keep your body from being bombarded by the artificially generated EMFs. How is this possible? A small localized electromagnetic field can simply buffer a a lot stronger external EMF and essentially push these waves away from the local area much like a car’s mass pushing the air out of the way as it drives down the highway.

Did you know that the Earth’s EMF is protecting you from the Sun’s a lot, a lot stronger EMF? The Sun has a diameter that is 109 occasions that of the Earth and a mass about 2×1030 kilograms, 330,000 instances that of Earth. However even with this nearly incomprehensible distinction in measurement and mass, not to mention the Sun being an EMF generator of magnificant proportions, the Earth EMF is able to push the incoming EMFs away. In actual fact, without Earth’s EMF, there could be no atmosphere to hold the air we breathe because the Sun’s EMF would merely carry away anything on the Earth’s surface.

Similar to how the Earth protects you from the Sun, so can a small multi-polar magnet do a lot the identical for you. Such a device works simply by creating just sufficient of a discipline that your body is buffered from surrounding EMFs that are bombarding you throughout your day by day life. So, if you have not considered wearing EMF protection prior to now, give it a try to see for yourself. I for one am on the pc all day lengthy at work and started wearing a magnet a few months ago. One of many things I observed the first week is that I no longer have headaches (that I actually thought were eyestrain associated) at the end of the day and am a lot more alert after I get dwelling and still have energy to spend with my family.

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