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Automotive Photography Suggestions for Newbies

Useful advice for taking photographs of your 4-wheeled friend

Automobile images is often viewed as probably the most thrilling and exciting genres to shoot. Although you could not essentially have access to superautomobiles price more than your house, you’ll be able to still have fun experimenting with this topic – even when it’s just taking pics of your loved ones car. Here we provide some advice on the way to get started with inventive automobile photography.

Automobile images tips: earlier than you start

In the event you like, you’ll be able to head straight outside and start photographing your loved ones car. Nevertheless, if your automotive’s just sat on the driveway, it’s unlikely to yield particularly exciting or completely different results. Instead, spend a while scouting for car photography places which are going to work well.

Think about factors like: where would be a good backdrop, what location makes sense for the car (if you have an ordinary car, plonking it in the midst of a discipline makes less sense than in case you have an off-road vehicle) and most significantly, where can you safely park and photograph the car.

Sometimes car parks can make for gritty or urban backdrops, however it’s essential that you just get permission from the land owner should you intend to start photographing on location – a simple call ought to do the trick.

In case you’d like to photograph a topic that’s a little more exotic, you’ve got a couple of options. You could consider renting a vehicle, however once more it’s worth double-checking with the owner that it’s fine to photograph it. Alternatively, there are lots of car shows which you’ll be able to attend – you won’t be able to move the automotive to a location of your alternative, but it’s nice for shut-up and detail shots.

Track days will also be a good place to practise your car images – a Google search of your local space should reveal your nearest locations. Once again, check with the owner that photography is permitted, and if there are any restrictions (reminiscent of the use of tripods).

Best camera for car photography

You can get started with almost any camera while you’re photographing automobiles, but for the most effective results pick something which allows you to change the lenses – whether or not that’s a DSLR or compact system camera.

There are benefits to every type of system, so try to go for the one which best suits your needs. Should you intend to photograph moving vehicles, a camera which offers a fast frame rate could be a good idea.

For full-frame, the Sony A9 mirrorless model is perfect for fast-moving topics as it can shoot at a remarkable 20fps including AF/AE tracking. You may keep shooting for as much as 362 shots per burst, making certain you never miss a moment.

Different compact system cameras that you simply might want to consider include the Fuji X-T2, which can shoot at as much as 14fps, or the Panasonic GH5, with which you possibly can utilise fourK or 6K photograph to file at as much as 60fps and extract stills.

Alternatively, if you desire a DSLR, the Nikon D500 gives 10fps shooting, which ought to still offer you wonderful flexibility to capture the moment. Should you desire Canon, the 7D Mark II is an efficient all-rounder which also affords 10fps shooting.

When it comes to lenses, there are a variety which work well for automotive photography. A wide-angle lens allows you to showcase the entire vehicle in its surroundings – something which offers 24-28mm is an effective place to start. For APS-C sensor cameras, that equates to between 16 and 18mm, while for Four Thirds sensors, look for 12mm lenses.

As well as a wide-angle, a prime lens (especially if it has Macro functionality) is a good suggestion for picking out particulars – whether or not that’s a automotive badge, or dials and buttons on the interior. An excessive wide-angle lens will offer you an unusual look, which can work well for some cars. A telephoto lens might be handy when photographing from a distance, comparable to during a track day or event.

Different equipment you need to consider embrace a tripod, which can are available useful for quite a lot of reasons. Look for a light and portable model, as you would possibly find you’re moving round a lot.

A monopod, such because the Manfrotto Compact Extreme Monopod, can also be nice while you’re making an attempt to take panning photos. A reflector is useful for directing light onto small details, especially on a vibrant day. A 5-in-1 reflector such because the Lastolite 75cm Bottletop includes a diffuser, which can be utilized to weaken the impact of problematic vivid sunshine.

Best climate and timings for car photography

Though you could be tempted to photograph automobiles in bright sunshine, bear in mind that highly reflective surfaces may be problematic to photograph. It’s less of an issue with vehicles which have a matte surface, or should you can position the automotive so it blocks out any direct sunlight – however it’s still something to consider.

An overcast day might be the right conditions to photograph cars, as the intense sky will act as a large softbox without the harsh light and shadows caused by the sun. Ideally it won’t be raining, however dramatic clouds can add impact to the background – and raindrops on a automotive’s surface or windscreen and windows can be utilized to create an attention-grabbing look too.

Just as with many other genres of images, shooting on the golden hour (the hour or so just before sunset) can yield terrific results. You get a golden glow, while the sun is low enough within the sky to avoid casting harsh shadows.

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